FOCUS is as important to us as it is to you. We think we can all agree that not much would get done in our lives without focus. But for some people focusing is the hardest thing to do. Why is that?

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Historically, we have been told, “You have your list of things To-Do, you focus, and magic happens!” There’s so much more that has to happen before you or anyone else can begin to focus.

What are people like?

Maybe you have a health problem like sciatic that prevents you from sitting or stand to get work done? Maybe your To-Do is so HUGE, it is crushing your spirit.

Are you an HSP? Anyone who is highly sensitive may have sensory overwhelm and be unable to focus, so being told to “just focus” ends up being insensitive on some level and contributes another layer of distraction to the difficulty of focusing.

Do you have ADD? Or short attention span? Here in America, in 2016 11% (6.1 million) children had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and 4.4% of adults, per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. These numbers are expected to be higher, especially with women who chalk up their inability to focus to motherhood and multi-tasking/juggling too much.

Why is “know what you are like” so important?

These points will guide you in knowing what to do BEFORE you focus to support the organic action of focus:

  •  ADD/ADHD: Reduce distractions
  • HSP: Identify energy sources that are disturbing your ability to concentrate
  • Health Problem: Create a supportive environment to work in
  • Depression: Identify the best time of day for you to work

All this does is support your efforts by diminishing the aspects of your environment that will prevent your success.

What’s in your Mental Environment?

What about beliefs that prevents our Minds from working at optimal levels? We all have them, even you. Take a moment to explore what you might say to yourself or others when you can’t focus. Here are some of our favorites:

·        I can’t think with people around me

·        I can’t focus when there is noise

·        I can’t work on a sofa; I have to work at a table

·        I can’t focus because such an such is distracting me

·        I can’t focus right now because I’m ______. (emotional, hungry, tired, etc.)

·        I can’t stop what I’m doing right now because I’m already focused on something else

·        I can’t focus on that until X, Y or Z happens first.

Most of your beliefs come from your Survival Brain (limbic system) and are creating multiple challenges in your life. When you get out of Survival you move into a state of Thrival. You do this organically, to support yourself as you transition out of survival, by clearing your brain of old beliefs.

Examine beliefs that prevent focus success!

·        Time is the biggest! (Delays completion) You can now choose to have a non-interrupted experience.

·        “I Can’t Do What You and Others Say I Can Do” Consciousness. This one will certainly hold you back. You can update your brain right now by saying out loud, “I consciously release this consciousness and choose to replace it with I Can Do This Consciousness.”

·        Children believe: “There is too much fun to be had, I might miss something!”

·        Belief in Boredom…this needs reframing into “I’m smart enough to create something out of nothing from the absolute point of creation, to manifest something to do.” Our podcast explains this.

How do we FOCUS that “thought” (from the intention we have to do or create something) into what we want to create or manifest? Remember, the to-do list may have nothing to do with the intention!

What can you do to support the creation of an optimal energetic space to accomplish your goals?

–         Connecting with Inner Guidance

–         Deepen spiritual practice by starting with gratitude for your needs that have been met.

–         Strengthen clarity of mind by being aware of your unconscious thoughts in the moment to clear the beliefs that are not in alignment with your intention.

–         Give yourself an emotional hug

–         Cultivate a physical space with organization (reduce visual clutter to manage mental clutter) to stay on the rails towards your goal

NOW, with all this in place, FOCUS –which is the crystallization of your intention with all the aforementioned support –it will place you in a state of FLOW. This is where the magic happens!

Have a Dyadic Conversation with your Goals or To Do List. Dyadic means a conversation between two people but consider your work as an entity that can speak to you. It’s you and your work.

–         Remember to praise your commitment to your goal or mission so that you do not praise the end product or result. This reinforces your efforts to continue towards the finish line.

Derailed? Lather, Rinse and Repeat! –or seek help. No one said you have to go it alone, but you may have told that to yourself once upon a time. We’re here to help.

If you are in overwhelm, schedule an appointment for an energy healing. Often times, we do the heavy lifting for our clients to get the train back on the tracks, release the root cause that created the problem that is producing the distractions or inability to focus and so forth. Reach out to us on by phone or email, even use our contact form, which we can respond to within 24-hours. We’re committed to helping you achieve your goals and dreams.

Warmest regards,
Annie Kolatkar & Ashley Lee