Advanced Energy Healing Remote Transmissions “Declassified”

Advanced Energy Healing Remote Transmissions “Declassified”  is our sharing of discovery process of how we all can access infinite knowledge and our true nature of love through connecting through inner guidance systems!
Our remote advanced energy healing transmissions are designed to support your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic connections through an active form of meditation or “tuning in” to the healing transmission. You will be pleased to learn that this can be a relaxing, healing, fun or a playful experience!

• how remote transmissions are possible
• what you receive in your unique energy packet each week
• the benefits of receiving healing energy
• how it improves your overall wellbeing
• how you connect with your Inner Guidance, trusting the wisdom that comes your awareness of the experience.

Business Intuition Technologies

“We strive to deepen the connection business people have with their inner guidance by giving them the technologies they need in every day decisions!” This Advanced Energy Healing Remote Transmission program is designed uniquely for business people. Your opportunity, to relax and receive a custom energy packet is specifically designed to connect you to your inner technology “called intuition”.

Who makes us turn, look and listen? --The new leaders of the world!

When your child demonstrates leadership qualities and you may notice they will need a foundation in compassionate mental, emotional and spiritual wisdom for self and others, as they journey on their life path. We support children of all ages with self-empowerment tools to enrich their lives and others. The Student Leadership Program contributes to the world shifting to higher consciousness.