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Team Access: “Healing the Mind. Healing the Heart.”

Mission Statement

Through our highly specialized illuminating programs Team Access supports you in your own personal mission to attain peace and wellbeing. Team Access’ remote Energy Transmissions will release the discordant energies that hold you back, improve brain and nervous system function, help you stand in your power and access your inner guidance with clarity and purpose –all so you can take the best path for you!

Special note for the parents of a Child of the Golden Age: We rejoice and welcome you to our programs! We are here to support you, so you can better support your Child of the Golden Age. They are here to heal the planet on many levels. They came in knowing that they/we are not Separate from God. They see the Golden Energy around people, flowing between people and are connected to energy in advanced ways. They are already Spiritually Activated and have beautiful skills and abilities to work with energy. Their needs are very unique, and we have a decade of experience working with them and their families. To learn more about what it means to be born a Child of the Golden Age click here to read our FAQ.

Vision Statement

Our vision for our clients is Self-healing. Positive outcomes of our work together:

  • become self-empowered to heal stress or emotional pain at any moment you notice it
  • clear past conflict energies that hold you back from your fullest expression
  • become self-empowered to be the passion you have come forward to express in the world, your life and relationships
  • become the leader, healer, parent, unifier you always knew you are
  • heal your body, when you heal your heart and mind of the thoughtforms that block your path
  • experience greater clarity about next steps in life, at any time, through connecting to Inner Guidance

Inner Guidance is how you access infinite knowledge. The problem is that most people can’t access their inner guidance, don’t trust it, have been mislead by the “other voice” inside them that steered them into self-doubt and self-judgment. Our programs do more than just clear your timeline of discordant energies and thoughtforms, they ignite your ability to see, hear, feel or sense the Truth with greater clarity.  Team Access can get you there!

Who Is On Your Team Access?

Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN and Annie Peterson-Kolatkar are two extraordinary healers who, together solve the equation for whole healing for mind, body, soul with brain and nervous system integration and healing for optimal outcomes. Ashley brings 30 years experience in healthcare as a pediatric cardiology critical care nurse.  Annie brings a decade of advanced energy healing care and focuses on healing and integrating the brain’s mental and emotional belief systems. Together, Team Access uses Advanced Energy Healing techniques to help people create a robust internal support system by integrating heart, brain and soul connections. When all three aspects, physical, mental-emotional and spiritual are properly engaged, their clients begin to shift and heal with profound transformations. This is the true foundation for building your new life expression, the one you always desired and knew was possible.

Pro-Active Self-Empowerment
In late 2016 they Annie and Ashley founded the Brain Integration Institute to meet the needs of people requesting energy healing for their brain and nervous system for a variety of health issues. Once healing began, they recognized that their clients needed to master their connection to Inner Guidance, through developing and strengthening Trust and Faith in one’s self to deepen the course of wellness. Access Infinite Knowledge is now meeting the needs of those who actively seek to support connection to one’s inner voice or intuition so they can stand more fully in their power and heal themselves.

Meet the Founders

Ashley Lee, RN, BSN, CCRN
Advanced Energy Healing Facilitator & Founder

Ashley is an expert leader, innovator, and visionary in the field of Pediatric Energy Healing. Of note, she is a steward and guide for a multitude of child leaders who have already demonstrated a high level of self-realization and who seek support on their self-actualized journey in their physical world experiences.

As a pioneer in pediatric healing modalities for children with multisensory abilities, she creates an atmosphere where children, their siblings, and parents are able to explore and express their true selves.

She is a medical intuitive with 30 years of Pediatric / Newborn Cardiovascular Critical Care nursing who demonstrates expertise in a deep understanding of advanced human physiology. Additionally, she has extensive pediatric neuro-critical care expertise in understanding the brain and nervous system integration.

Ashley is a very gifted voice in the realm of pediatric consciousness, especially where there are children with exceptional perceptive, intuitive and leadership abilities. She is a multidimensional physical and emotional empath, which includes accessing her deep telepathic skills whereby she gives a voice for how her clients are feeling and thinking. She is a passionate advocate where a person’s needs are honored with enthusiasm and compassion.

Additionally, Ashley has a vast energetic expertise of supporting moms and fetal children through the whole perinatal stages to enhance bonding and clear physical developing energetic imbalances. As an expert with children, the majority of her practice sees the highly conscious, gifted, psychic and sensitive children and adults. She has designed extensive programs so that these children and their families can thrive in their everyday lives with happiness and joy!

Her unique presence and gifted ability to “teach and show you how” will support you and your children in compassionate ways to advocate and heal yourselves. She has insightful approaches in guiding you and your family on viewing pathogens, toxins, physiological imbalances and sensitivities in a whole new way of healing your body through self-healing and self-empowered modalities.

In 2017, Ashley founded the Center for Conscious Kids, a listing service for families to connect to consciously aware practitioners and service providers. You are invited to experience the transformational online library of podcasts, through the no-cost membership,  and articles that support people of all ages to support “conscious living.”

To listen to Ashley talk about how she supports infants and children with advanced energy healing, click here!

This is a photo of Annie Peterson-Kolatkar.Annie Kolatkar
Advanced Energy Healing Facilitator & Founder

Annie lives inside the inspiration of sharing spontaneous healing with herself and the world. Through dedicated research of the consciousness that creates belief structures, she is able to distinctly ascertain, with a high level of clarity, the consciousness challenges that are manifesting as discordant experiences of the mind, body, and soul. Identifying these discordances in people led her down the path to developing advanced forms of conflict resolution, which organically manifests into spontaneous healing of the relational energetic entanglements.

As a relational intuitive with extensive empathic skills, Annie touches people as a compassionate healer of leaders, artists, teachers, coaches, guides and counselors of all ages who are called to influence the world with their mission and vision. Beauty, as a healing energetic ingredient to empower others, coupled with her creative genius are the qualities she brings into her healing space for individuals and groups. Empowered with the innate ability to guide people into a “non-judgmental space for experiencing another’s entangled discordances” creates healing perspectives that were not otherwise noticed. Healing these perspectives heals the pain and suffering from within and creates an opportunity for the possibility of new outcomes.

Originally, Annie built the foundation of her healing work as an expert Family Constellation Facilitator. She remediates discordances inside family systems from the ancestors through future lines of descendants. The healing value corrects genetic imbalances in the physical body, emotional responses to judgments, releases consciousness problems that created mental stress and kept the family stuck, and clears spiritual discords that kept strong suppression on the individual and the family.

Inspired to support the world with developing access to their Inner Guidance, Annie and her colleague Ashley founded Access Infinite Knowledge. Prior to this, they founded the Brain Integration Institute as a process to energetically enhance and heal the brain and nervous system’s dis-integration that prevented brain connections with the heart, mind and soul. To listen to Annie talk about brain integration click here.

In 2014, Annie founded Spirit Free Property to support healthy environments for Highly Sensitive People, especially children. She clears people, commercial and residential properties, land and objects of discordant energies from ghosts with conflicts, orbs and other assorted entities and brings properties to neutral so occupants can experience peace where they live, work and play. To hear her talk about empowering children who see or sense ghosts click here.

To visit her personal website, click here.

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