Welcome! This website is about connecting you to your Inner Guidance to Access Infinite Knowledge.

We created Access Infinite Knowledge website to meet the needs of those who had achieved a certain level of mastery with their intuition, but wanted to increase or deepen their connection to their Inner Guidance. They came to us asking for more powerful programs that would unlock and unleash their innate gifts and abilities, which would support them in creating all they want to be and do in the world.

This website is our commitment to you. You want to be the captain of your ship, the diviner of which path to take in life, the self-empowered self-healer who wants to live optimally with health, wealth and vitality. We have created this site based on your need to develop your gifts and abilities so you may have the desired outcomes you long for.

Lifeguards and Swim Coach
When you are drowning in overwhelm, we will help you get to solid ground. We’ll get you out of that drowning state and ask you if you are committed to living or committed to dying. Then we will quantum jump you to a place where you are closer to your desired goals of peace and happiness. After that, we will teach you how to swim so you never experience the drowning in overwhelm again and help you close the distance between you and your life goals. This can all happen with deeper connection to your Inner Guidance.

We believe all things are possible in terms of self-healing. Access Infinite Knowledge is here to partner with you on your life journey where you are standing in your power, living your life purpose, connecting to your inner truth and making the changes you know are right for you.

Access Infinite Knowledge’s remote transmissions are designed to support you in every quadrant of your life from success in love and life purpose, health and happiness. We even have programs to support your children to stand in their power to become the future leaders of the world.

Our offerings include options to work self-directed or with a healer: Below this post you may explore our remote transmission offerings.

  • individually
  • one-to-two healers
  • as a couple
  • as a family
  • as a group

Explore our Remote Transmission Offerings, to learn which one is right for you or your family:

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Please reach out and contact us with your questions, comments and suggestions at connect@accessinfiniteknowledge.com or use our contact form found here.

We look forward to working with you and providing exciting information for you to assimilate and integrate on your personal journey.

Warmest regards,
Annie & Ashley
Founders & Advanced Energy Healers
Access Infinite Knowledge
Access Infinite Knowledge, Advanced Energy Healing

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