Student Leadership Program – Creating Conscious Leaders Through Empowered Energy Transmissions

Student leadership program, remote energy transmission, advanced energy healingOur Student Leadership Program facilitates creating conscious leaders through remote energy transmissions (while meditating or sleeping) for 12 consecutive weeks. This is a rolling program, meaning that you can start at any Wednesday night throughout the year. Inside the energy transmission, we clear, balance and empower brain and nervous system function through remote advanced energy healing transmissions, which creates the potentials for a compassionate, intelligent and humanitarian leader.

  • See the clear and natural expression of your child who expresses leadership qualities
  • Develop your child’s conscious awareness as they can lead with insight and a kind heart
  • Cultivate their Inner Guidance for determining next steps for deeper conflict resolution

We will support your desire to see your child developing their natural leadership styles and preferences, cultivate compassion for guiding themselves and others with love and emotional wisdom. [Scroll down to keep reading.]

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We truly are grateful for the Student Leadership Program! My son is a 10 year old boy who has had some challenges with concentration and attention. Having participated in the Student Leadership Program, he is now demonstratively more focused, confident and joyous. Thank you Annie and Ashley! – Meggan L., Los Angeles, CA

Student leadership program, remote energy transmission, advanced energy healingOur Student Leadership Program facilitates improving relational abilities via our 30-minute remote advanced energy healing transmissions every Wednesday night for 12-consecutive beginning at 8:30pm your time anywhere in the world, in any time zone. We call this Time Zone Indifferent TM.

Enroll your child in our Student Leadership Program at any time. While your Child is receiving these once a week transmissions we support their awareness on how everyone creates energy exchanges inside their relationships. Developing leadership qualities promotes clarity, honesty and integrity. When children are aware of their energy exchanges with others, they naturally shift and expand their awareness and gain understanding of how to choose their languaging and expression with others to achieve optimal outcomes for all.

Our Student Leadership Energy Transmission program directly supports the conscious integration of what we call Service to Us TM. Service to Us is an awareness that is present in every moment of our lives … “As I take care of me for you and you take care of you for me, together we elevate the space of our relationship inside Service to Us.” 

Mission and Vision

Our focus is directed towards facilitating energetic shifts in your child by supporting them in developing leadership in respect to relating to themselves, others, school friends, teachers and parents/family. We see a leader as a person who innately expresses their gifts of relating in the realms of negotiation, organization, clarity of thoughts words and deeds, self-direction, willingness for collaboration and consensus and/or expresses compassion inside their multisensory experiences.

We find these qualities present in children from as early as in utero through young adulthood.

student leadership program, remote energy transmission, advanced energy healingHow do you know your child is a leader?

We all know the negative qualities leaders can exhibit when they have not been guided or supported to stand in their power and the truth. What is their energetic quality when they are standing in their Truth? There are hundreds of beautiful qualities and here a few to consider:

  • charming or charismatic
  • intelligent “super smart”
  • visionary
  • wise beyond their years
  • take charge personality
  • feels centered and grounded when they are able to take responsibility
  • exhibits extreme passion for justice and equality
  • desires compassion for everyone
  • creates pathways to peace and harmony

Are they highly sensitive to multi-sensory experiences?
Your child was born with some “extra gifts” that allow them to sense energy. They may exhibit behaviors or responses to loud noises, extreme emotions, notice changes in their environment other people don’t recognize, have tactile sensitivities to fabric, touch and other textures or the ability to see the bigger picture to name a few. These responses are linked to your child’s empowerments.

Why does multisensory sensitivities show up in these children? We find that these sensory avenues of taking in and expressing information comes from the heart or True Nature of wanting comfort, peace, happiness and love for everyone.
My kid needs this!

student leadership program, remote energy transmission, advanced energy healingWho Benefits From This Program?
The Student Leadership Program serves unborn children to age 22! We work with pregnant mothers who just “knew” the child they were carrying was different and needed additional and unique styles of support. Both Founders, Annie & Ashley knew their children, while in the womb, were empowered with “some strong quality” they had yet to discover but began their conversations with their unborn child to support their being in the world as a leader.

Student Leadership Program Overview

Week 1 – Empowerments in Centering, Grounding and Being In-the-Moment

  • Exposure to and integration of Releasing Judgement of Self, Others & Life Circumstances
  • Creating Time Awareness to support being present in the NOW moment
  • Anxiety reduction is creating through developing healthy habits and daily disciplines around centering and grounding

Week 2 – Formative Brain Integration for Leaders

  • Introduction to advanced forms of timing and sequencing
  • Optimizing executive brain function and critical thinking skills
  • Promotes confidence through experiencing the attention to detail, while seeing the bigger picture

Week 3 – Developing Nervous System Awareness for Self and Others

  • Deepening awareness for emotional and mental energies they or others around them have created
  • Developing spaces inside themselves to feel safe and nurtured to express deeper feelings of one’s issues or conflicts
  • Emergence of new language that supports meeting one’s needs while being compassionate of the others involved

Week 4 – Relational Integration with Self, Others and Life Circumstances

  • Encouraging self-awareness of one’s own perspectives and perceptions
  • Then becoming aware of other’s perceptions and perspectives
  • Choosing the optimal perspective or perception to guide others

Week  5 – Leadership Foundational Skill I: Self Advocacy

  • Bringing in higher awareness of supportive energy exchanges through negotiation.
  • Releasing the consciousness of a child that believes they do not have the right to advocate for themselves.
  • Supporting each child with empowering truths that their True Nature is love and peace, which supports the self-advocacy.
  • Creating spaces and environments for being ok to feel feelings and share when not knowing how

Week 6 – Leadership Foundational Skill II: Multi- Sensory & Dimensional Integration for Leaders

  • Being able to hold multiple perspectives and integrate the knowledge
  • Processing multi-sensory data points with perceptual awareness
  • Developing masterful expressions of integrity and support for all

Week 7 – Leadership Foundational Skill III: Evolutionary Conflict Resolution

  • Receiving the gift of “inspired conflict resolving” through connection with Inner Guidance in 5 easy steps

Week 8 – Leadership Foundational Skill IV: Emotional Wisdom & Accessing The Genius Brain

  • Developing trust and faith in the absence of proof
  • Supporting the release of discordant energies that suppress leaders
  • Releasing the judgments of others to allow freedom of expression as a bridge to begin conflict resolution
  • Releasing self-judgments that prevent and inhibit the accessing of ideas and moving into action

Week 9 – Leadership Foundational Skill V: Accessing Inner Guidance

  • Supporting Leaders to open their energy flow by releasing judgments of those they guide
  • Repositioning the need for push energy with compassionate understanding to nurture mastery
  • Recognizing the need to connect to Inner Guidance when a problem appears unresolvable

Week 10 – Leadership Foundational Skill VI: Standing in your Power

  • Developing the child’s innate abilities to creating skill sets of leadership through studying, practicing, sharing, teaching and mastery.
  • Communicates clearly to others about how they are being led with clarity and compassion
  • Creates positive feelings or feedback loop inside the leader that generates confidence, self-assurance and self-reliance for going in their chosen direction

Week 11 – Leadership Foundational Skill VII: Connecting to One’s Innate Leadership Gifts

  • Expressing and navigating relational experiences by noticing what others are thinking and feeling
  • Expressing one’s gifts to support the natural expressions of happiness and joy

Week 12 – Leadership Foundational Skill VIII: Proactive Leadership – Create Vision for Community & Humanity

  • Unlocking the innate passion and purpose in the child leader
  • Regardless of obstacle size, can-do attitude or “my true expression matters”
  • Adopting life-long learning to adapt to society and the steps needed to create visions for humanity’s collective evolution

student leadership program, remote energy transmission, advanced energy healingStudent Leadership Program Benefits

  • Clearing projections of others, society and school systems to create open and creative minds and innate expressions of the child.
  • Balancing and clearing of coping mechanisms that may have created suppression in the child.
  • Integrating brain and nervous system for calming and centeredness.
  • Improving focus and concentration to complete thoughts, actions and tasks.
  • Organizing thoughts by noticing unconscious thought patterns and releasing that is not serving them by reframing belief patterns they believed true.

Relax and receive advanced energy healing transmissions for improved student learning at any time of the year. We will transmit brain and nervous system integration healing in the evening at 8:30PM your time, for students and parents, to receive just before bed (or while sleeping for children who are unable to do a meditation). Each session lasts 30 minutes and is designed to work on different parts of the brain and the entire energy system of the body. Experience remote transmission work by watching this video: Click here to go to our YouTube channel.

How Cool Is An Advanced Energy Remote Transmission?

Our programs are Time Zone Indifferent(TM). This means that no matter where you and your child(ren) are in the world, you can receive the energy packet that we have created for each of you. Our energetic technologies reach each of you in any time zone that you are in. No technology, such as a cellphone, computer or other device is required. Only your own “inner technology”, that we refer to as your Inner Guidance, is necessary. So turn off your gadgets and tune in via meditation and conscious connection while relaxing at 8:30PM. Now that’s what we call “Far out!”

Here is our video on Unlocking Remote Energy Transmissions with Access Infinite Knowledge. Listen to our podcast Episode 93 – Unlocking Remote Energy Transmissions is available at the following links: iTunes SoundCloud  RSS

MARK YOUR CALENDAR – Every Wednesday for 12-weeks, from the time you register, at 8:30PM your time zone (see below for more info on Time Zone Indifference TM).


Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation of purchase email. This is where you will need to check your SPAM folder and add us to your address or contacts list so that these supportive and informative (aka amazing) emails land in your inbox. You will receive an email, based on the day you registered, alerting you that it will happen Wednesday night at 8:30PM your time.

My kid needs this!