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Enhancing Your Decision Making & Leadership Abilities Through A 6-Week Intensive Transformational Program

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“We strive to deepen the connection business people have with their inner guidance giving them the technologies they need in everyday decisions!”

Our advanced energy remote transmission program is designed uniquely for business people. Your opportunity, to relax and receive a custom energy packet is specifically designed to connect you to your inner technology “called intuition”. [Scroll down to keep reading.]

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Optimal experiences include:

  • A flow-state to optimize mission and goals
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Reduction of stress and overwhelm
  • Growth (e.g., personal, relationships, career, financial, spiritual)
  • Improved decision making ability
  • Business relationships with greater reward and authenticity
  • Balance (e.g., reacting to stress, workload, time management)
  • Focus and clarity to access and synthesize information rapidly
  • Inner peace, feeling whole and complete

I have noticed a strengthening of my willingness to ask for and make changes in my life and relationships: Deciding and being clear about what I want and do not want!” -JM, San Diego, CA

Advanced energy healers Ashley Lee and Annie Kolatkar will facilitate the transmission each Wednesday night at 9PM “your time” for 6-weeks. Your time means “anywhere around the world” because this work is “time zone indifferent” which is outside time and space. We commonly refer to this space as the “healing space” and the space where limitless possibilities are accessed. Together the facilitators will transmit brain and nervous system integration enhancements for you to receive through your breath and intention.

Each weekly energy transmission session is specifically designed for 30-minutes to:

  • Clear old, non-resourceful and limiting energy patterns from your body
  • Deliver new energy pattern upgrades for different parts of the brain and energy systems of the body
  • Optimize brain balance with our proprietary empowerment energies to sustain and maintain the “new experience”

It’s effortless to receive!

  • No “outer technology needed” –no phones, computer or web connection needed
  • “Purposeful connection” to the energy transmission through relaxing, before resting or sleeping is the goal.
  • Receive the energy transmission while sleeping. Note: If time constraints in your schedule prevent connection at 9PM your time, consciously tune into it at your next available moment you have to relax (e.g., just before going to sleep)

business intuition technologies, advanced energy healing, remote energy transmission, access infinite knowledgeOverview

Week 1 – Connection to Intuition: Creating Profound Inner Peace

Week 2 – Inner Technology: Energy Patterns Upgrades and Body Talk(TM) – Our Revolutionary User-Interface

Week 3 – Health and Harmony: Reducing Stress and Overwhelm for Improved Decision Making Ability within the Mental and Emotional Energetic Bodies

Week 4 – Assimilating & Integrating your Mind Energy(TM) for Optimal Information Processing in the Brain and Nervous System.

Week 5 – Diving into a Flow-State: Optimizing Mission and Vision for Thriving Business Relationships

Week 6 – Balance: Cultivating The Ultimate State of Being

business intuition technologies, advanced energy healing, remote energy transmission

Summary of Business Intuition Technologies Remote Transmission Program:

  • 6 Weekly Energy Transmissions(TM)
  • Private to your own experience
  • Anywhere in the world…Time Zone Indifferent(TM)
  • No Technology Required
  • Weekly Support by Facilitators
  • Wednesday nights at 9PM “Your Time”
  • 30-minute session of relaxing energy receiving
  • Sign up and begin your process at anytime!

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