10. Heal uncomfortable feelings in your body from the projections, judgments and beliefs of others

9. Heal root cause for physical illness/disease, emotional, mental and spiritual conflicts/problems

8. Notice stuck energies that hold you back from your life choices from the perspective of Self, Others or Life Circumstances

7. Release victim and other discordant or negative energies and remove underground stressors

6. Healing the Pain of Separation, ending Duality (creating Unity Consciousness or Oneness) and connecting to your Divinity more fully

5. Connect with your Inner Guidance (Enlightened Self that is without Shadow Aspects)

4. Stand in your True Nature which is Love

3. Connect to your unconscious thinking (release self-doubt, self-rejection, self-limiting beliefs and self-judgements). They really are there, even when we don’t believe they are.

2. Discover the ease of Forgiveness

1. Create near spontaneous healing in any area of your life

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