Hidden Superpowers – 12-Week Remote Energy Healing Transmission Program


Your Hidden Superpowers are enhanced through quantum energy healing remote transmissions.  Each week, for 12-weeks, your energy packet to explore during meditation will unfold in your consciousness to promote the blossoming of your innate psychic gifts.

In the comfort of your home and private environment, each Wednesday night at 10:00 PM (your timezone) for 30-minutes you will have an opportunity to meditate, connect, relax, and receive.


Now you can discover the Highly Sensitive Psychic in You…while creating mastery of your superpowers becoming real in your everyday experience.

These sessions are “downloaded” by you, through an internal maneuver of consciousness also known as a meditation, through your conscious connection to the energy.

We intentionally space the sessions 1-week apart for 12-weeks so that your brain and nervous system have the opportunity to process and integrate the learning, healing, and so much more.

We support you today to watch Hidden SuperPowers on AwakeTV Network, and review this first episode of the tv show, which will relate to the first week of your energy transmission. Each episode of the tv show, will correlate and support you in connecting to your unique download each week.

Take comfort, in the event that you can’t receive at 8PM or forget, as the energy packet is always available to you once it is created…including while you sleep. We are supporting you whether you are aware or not. 😊

TIP: Share with friends, as you embark on this journey of Hidden Superpower discovery and enhancement, to deepen your integration of the gifts you receive in meditation. It can be more fun this way to discuss and explore your Hidden Superpowers together.


Week 1 – Discover Your Hidden Superpowers
“Discover the challenges that hinder superpower activation”

Week 2 – Navigating the Minds of Telepathy
“Deepening the clarity of one’s thoughts to transmit to another”

Week 3 – The Empath’s Emotional Journey
“Emotional wisdom is key to optimal relating”

Weeks 4 – Moving Through Telekinesis
“Movements in reality are experienced with ease and flow”

Week 5 – The Future of Psychometry
“Noticing the lasting energetic signatures of past experience

Week 6 – The Facets of A Visionary
“Promoting the perspectives of seeing the world through many lenses”

Week 7 – Navigating Our Omni-audient Environments
“Become the (symphony) conductor of your auditory listening skills”

Week 8 – Living As An Interdimensional Walker
“Stroll through multiple dimensions by experiencing perspectives from all viewpoints”

Week 9 – The Touch Points of Kinesthesia
“Feeling the realities of your environment within your body

Week 10 – Frequency Finders
“Connect with your Inner Guidance to discern the frequencies that feel unfamiliar”

Week 11 – Quantum Jumping
“Passport to the future to create your guidance moving forward”

Week 12 – Illuminating Your Avatar Self
“Enhancing your relating through conscious choice by extinguishing consciousness challenges”



Enjoy 30-minutes of remote energy healing work every Wednesday night for 12 weeks at 9PM wherever you are in the world. Our work is “time zone indifferent” –9PM is your “engagement time” for your self-healing. Tune into this healing opportunity to work on developing and enhancing your psychic abilities and balancing your sensitivities in the physical world.

 “Wow, you blew me out of the water! You really know your stuff. It really shows. I am still processing all the ways in which I changed.” Marina M., San Diego, CA

Testimonials from our other group transmission program

“Wow, how did you do that?!! My daughter started speaking full sentences within three days of your transmission. I can’t get over the change in her. My husband and I are now so excited for each first Friday of the month! Woohoo! We’re on fire now!” –Bella Grace in Los Angeles, CA

“It was a cool experience. The first month I forgot to notice if anything was different, but then my mom reminded me to notice how my day was after the second nighttime session. I actually think I studied the best ever and I just knew the information more comfortably. Hard to explain, but studying was easier and doing homework was a cinch. Usually, I have some mild anxiety about missing some details or key information, but after a couple sessions, I was more relaxed when studying.” L.K. College student in California

“Huge transformations happened for me. I went from being a D- student with huge vision problems to getting B’s and C’s. I can read now.” J.P.M. High school student in Virginia

“I just wanted to share with you my experience last week during the Wednesday evening energy transmission. I followed the instructions regarding imagining opening a gift and this is what I experienced: I saw a box and was at first imagining the color it might be, it turned into a gold box with a white ribbon. I then saw it open on all sides and out of it arose four boxes like on a computer screen. I imagined touching each box to open it and see what was inside. The first box was a book. I asked what it meant and I got that it was information that was for my growth. The second box was laughter and lightness. My son was laying on the bed with me as I relaxed and we were laughing and being silly while I was in and out of paying attention to connecting during the transmission. Sometimes you have to work with what you have in the moment! The third box was about fun and enjoying life. The fourth box was a loving partner. I looked at that box quizzically as I thought how could a partner come to me through this. All of these gifts were things that I have been asking for and working on bringing into my life. The next day as I was contemplating on my “psychic self care” as I do each morning, I felt new information coming in that was for my knowledge and my healing. I have continued to feel that more and more knowledge and/or seeing has been coming through throughout the week since. The other three gifts continue to unfold in my life as well. I sense there is a deepening for me in all of these areas. Thank you for your offerings of spiritual help.” Sharon T., San Diego, CA


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